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Why buy from Alan Gregory Music & Musical Instruments?

Whether you're just starting on your musical journey or have been travelling for some time we have an instrument for you.

All our Instruments are fully tested and setup to a very high standard in our own Workshop - any which do not make the grade are returned to the supplier and not resold. We take pride in our reputation across all musical instruments and departments.

Instruments from recognised suppliers are worth the extra initial outlay for a whole host of reasons: they have a history of manufacturing instruments to a consistently high calibre and use professional craftsmen at the top of their game to achieve consistent results. Spare parts are also readily available.

Something worth bearing in mind is when you come to sell or part-exchange your student model, if you have bought wisely you will see a good return when you sell or part-exchange your student model. We do buy and sell instruments for customers and our recommended second hand models don't stay around for long.

We are still trading Yamaha instruments even those over 30 years old. These instruments hold their re-sale value for many years.

We look forward to hearing from you.