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Yamaha's State-of-the-Art Valve Oil

Yamaha's new oil is synthetic making it more consistent than petroleum based oils and giving it better stability in different temperatures. In addition to the improved ‘touch', you will be adding to the life of your instrument thanks to a powerful corrosion inhibiter contained in the oil. Three different grades of viscosity are offered to match the oil with your instrument and playing needs.
Yamaha Light Valve Oil - 60ml
Web Price: 8.99
Out of Stock - Please Call
La Tromba T2 Special Valve Oil
Web Price: 4.55
Out of Stock - Please Call
Denis Wick DW4930 Valve Oil
Web Price: 5.38
In Stock
Blue Juice Valve Oil - 2oz
Web Price: 6.49
In Stock
Vincent Bach Valve Oil
Web Price: 4.25
In Stock
C.G. Conn Valve Oil
Web Price: 4.04
In Stock
Raspberry Valve Oil
Web Price: 7.50
In Stock
Al Cass Fast Valve Oil
Web Price: 4.58
In Stock

Large Bottle 8 fl oz Valve Oils

Holton Electric Valve Oil - 8 oz
Web Price: 12.00
Out of Stock - Please Call
SuperSlick Valve Oil - 16oz & 2oz Bottles
Web Price: 19.80
Out of Stock - Please Call