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Guaranteed Buy Back Scheme

Under this scheme any portable musical instruments are purchased at a special Educational Discounted Price.

If your school or local authority operates an Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme, your instrument purchase will also be V.A.T. Free. An additional saving of 20%.

Should you wish to return the instrument you may do so at any time within 6 months Of the date of purchase. If the instrument is in good condition, we guarantee to refund upto 90% Of the purchase price less the original V.A.T. Amount paid. Even after the period we do not wish to leave you with an instrument that you are not using so our door is always open to look at purchasing or a selling it on a commission basis.

Advantages of the Scheme:

1. Save money - buy at an Educational Discount Price
2. 6 months trial period - benefit of a guaranteed refund if necessary
3. Possible further savings without V.A.T. With the A.I.P.S.

If you are interested in more information on this scheme please click on Email Us Or feel free to call the sales team on 0161 445 4466.